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Ryan’s Place LLC strives to serve local North Carolina communities with the strongest, most ethical, and most person-centered I/DD services. It is Ryan’s Place’s philosophy that no member of society, regardless of disability or socio-economic status, should be marginalized by lack of resources or status-quo clinical care.

Meet Ryan

Ryan Lanford was an amazing human who touched many lives with his patient and forgiving spirit. Ryan lived with Luis in Alternative Family Living for six years. Ryan dealt with the challenges that many people living with disabilities in North Carolina face. He did not receive comprehensive services through a Waiver and needed assistance in receiving therapeutic and mental health support. Luis, Ryan, and Ryan’s mother worked hard to get him every service he needed and find him integrated, meaningful activities every day. Ryan and Luis were like brothers. As much as Luis helped Ryan, Ryan helped Luis learn patience, forgiveness, and kindness in so many ways.
Luis always says that no matter what kind of day Ryan had or how he was feeling, he always took the time to show his love. He was unconditionally forgiving, and most of all, he was kind. This is where the philosophy and motivation for honoring Ryan’s legacy started. Sadly, Ryan is no longer with us, but his legacy of love and kindness lives on in the mission of this agency!
As Ryan would say, “Ain’t life grand?”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to address the needs of individuals with disabilities by nurturing a community that respects their differences and cultivates their potential to grow and reach their goals.

Values Statement

Ryan’s Place takes an E.P.I.C. approach to the quality of services provided:

  • Empowerment
  • Partnership
  • Integrity
  • Commitment

Our Team

Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez

Chief Executive Officer

Luis Hernandez is the owner and CEO of Ryan’s Place. The agency’s mission is deeply tied to his love for the health and human services field and the people he serves. Luis wants every person he works with to feel valued, empowered, and inspired to have an E.P.I.C approach to life.

Laura Lee

Laura Lee

Chief Operations Officer/Qualified Professional

Laura Lee is the COO of Ryan’s Place and Lead Qualified Professional. She has a deep-seated passion for advocacy and education. Her experience varies from early intervention services to agency compliance direction.

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