Introducing Ryan's Place LLC

Ryan’s Place LLC was founded by Luis Hernandez in memory of Ryan Lanford. Ryan lived with Luis for six years in residential support. As much as Luis impacted Ryan’s life, Ryan also impacted Luis’. Ryan and Luis’ relationship is a testament to what meaningful therapeutic relationships can do for both people in service and the people we serve. Luis wants to honor Ryan’s memory with this legacy: Cultivate kindness; choose it every day.

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What We Do Services We Provide

We help you become the person you need when no one else seems to care. Check out our services below.

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    Innovations Waiver Community Navigation

    So individuals with disabilities are given a better chance at an improved life

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    B3 Community Navigation Services

    Find ease of navigation in community integration, employment, and more.

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    Innovations Waiver Habilitative Services

    We prioritize your journey to improved independence and sustainability.

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    View More Services

    Discover more about the specialized programs we offer you and your loved ones.

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We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to address the needs of individuals with disabilities by nurturing a community that respects their differences and cultivates their potential to grow and reach their goals.

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