Innovations Waiver Services

Ryan's Place is pleased to provide the following services under the NC Innovations Waiver: 

Community Living and Supports

A periodic service provided in a member's home and the community to assist with development of Activities of Daily Living, building personal preferences and experiences, and increasing social integration.  Community Living and Supports encourages staff supports that are person-centered and based on the member's preferred schedule.

Community Networking

A weekly service that is driven by volunteer activities and membership in community activities and organizations that are fully-integrated with all populations of people.  Community Networking is a service provided in the community where members can choose volunteer activities that assist with pre-vocational skills and vocational goals.  Members have the ability to contribute their gifts and skills in volunteer settings around North Carolina.  Members can also take integrated classes of their choosing to help build preferences and find meaningful ways to socialize with community peers.

Supported Employment

A weekly service that is driven by employment skills and retention, this services also focuses on pre-employment skills and training, such as filling out job applications, mock interviewing, preparing for job interviews and work place interactions, understanding accommodations/requesting accommodations, etc.   Supported Employment provides 1:1 staffing supports in employment settings and takes the place of Vocational Rehabilitation for those members who need 1:1 staffing while in a job environment.  Staff are meant to promote independence and job site training.


A periodic service that provides reprieve for caregivers and natural supports needing a break from the responsibilities of daily care taking.  Respite is offered for both periodic and residential support services. 

Alternative Family Living, Residential Supports Levels 1-4

A service performed in a staff's home where individuals are free to live in a family setting with chosen staff.  Members are given choices and options for residential support settings, including their bedroom preference, furniture and environmental preferences, and freedom to create their own daily schedules.  Alternative Family Living staff are responsible for daily caregiving and goal running for members in their homes, and Ryan's Place staff take this honor very seriously.  AFL is an alternative to the group home residential model and to ICF/institutional settings, providing meaningful social integration and membership in the community.

Support Living Levels 1-3

Supported Living is a service for individuals living in their own home or with a desire to live in their own home with staff supports of their choosing.  Supported Living members are responsible for paying rent/mortgages and utilities in their own home or in a Supported Living home of their choosing.  Supported Living members can live with other Supported Living members or roommates of their choosing.  Ryan's Place will help develop roommate agreements between Supported Living roommates to establish routines, boundaries, personal preferences, and responsibilities in the home.  Members develop their staffing routines based on their level of care and health and safety needs in their home.     

Coming soon...
Members who receive services through the NC Innovations waiver may choose to manage the services they receive. This is called Individual and Family Directed Supports (IFDS). Through IFDS, members are able to direct some or all of their services that are included in the IFDS option. By becoming an Employer of Record (EOR), the member and/or legally responsible person becomes the employer and with the help of a Community Navigator, learns to hire, set pay rates, schedule work, train and evaluate their staff.

If you are interested in receiving training on these additional models of supports, please contact us and let us know!